I think I’m gonna blow my fucking brains out

Okay so I’ve been watching some TF2 videos in the past weeks and on EVERY SINGLE VIDEO there was this piece of shit-by the numbers-Brony-halfassed-sarcastic-wannabe witty-Rainbow Dash-transparent-avatar-asshole getting into discussions trying to prove what a dickhead he is, but you know it’s TF2, so what did I expect, right? So today I’m checking out DEEP PURPLE vids (you know, my SAFE ZONE) and I scroll down the comments and who do I see?! The same fucking guy with the same Rainbow Dash picture saying some DUMB FUCK!!!! “$%@§& How do people manage to ruin my day so easily without even trying? Like he has no knowledge of me whatsoever yet I already feel like we’ve been arch-enemies for years. Apparently I need a break from the world alltogether so I can avoid finding myself in these awful situations.

I’ve been and still am making a ton of FTMs for a MegaMan I/III PC expansion for Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch. I’m most likely going to upload them to Youtube once they’re all done. So get ready for a dozen certified real approved hot new Kackebango 8bit tracks for real in the next month or so.

furries exist

There’ll be a fourth MDE Williamsburg Street Fashion video, I’m so excited.

I learned the Guitar Solo from Led Zeppelin’s The Rover on mandolin so shut your fat indie face. I’m the coolest, you got nothing on me, I’m immortal


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I’ll be seing Neil Young and Rammstein in concert this year which makes me a very happy boy,

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Rest in peace, Alvin Lee. I wish I’d known more about him apart from the fact that he’s a cool guitar guy who played at Woodstock,since he’s the reason my third name’s Alvin. What a bummer.

programming Megaman 9000 gets really confusing when some of the variables have such unsubstantial or simply scatterbrained names like “fucktheaudience”, “important”, or “fuckshitdamage” to name a few. Not sure what I was thinking when naming these back then

Goldman’s stage needs a gimmick and I need some seriously rude ass suggestions.

MegaMan 9000’s gmk needs some serious cleaning up

working on a new Stage Select theme for MM9K cause the old one sucked monkey dicks